Starting A New Job During A Pandemic

  • Daily 10 minute one on one checks ins on video: These should be between managers and direct reports. via videoconference. Here you can see their body language and see how they are holding up physically and emotionally.
  • Culture and storytelling: Have the newest member of the team set up coffee or lunch meetings also via video conference with more senior people at the company to share insight on their job and their experience with the company and industry. This kind of thing may have happened naturally in an office setting, but for now, it is something that needs to be scheduled.
  • Thoughtful agendas and task lists: One of the biggest mistakes I have made as a leader is assuming people understand what I am asking of them. Younger talent may be too shy or afraid to ask qualifying questions. They probably don’t even know the questions to ask. So walking through the daily/weekly/monthly agenda or to-do list and making sure everyone understands the tasks, the reason why we are doing something, the language and the process of achieving the task is all very critical.
  • Share articles and books: This can help get new colleagues grounded in the industry they work in.
  • Ask them for ideas around new business: The adage that great ideas can come from anywhere is an adage because it is true!
  • Get them involved in your company social media: The 20–30 years olds grew up on social media and they are the masters. This group will have great ideas on how to keep your company relevant and your audiences engaged.
  • Weekly/ Bi-weekly company town halls & happy hours: While I know this is already a thing. I can see the faces of the team light up when they see each other. Socializing builds company culture. The Town Halls keep everyone informed of the state of the union during this uncertain time.




Relentless Visionary | Founder @ All Terrain Collective

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Brook Jay

Brook Jay

Relentless Visionary | Founder @ All Terrain Collective

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