How Do We Choose the Right Team for the Right Project?

The traditional agency model is outdated. Now what?

Let’s get real: The old agency model is dead. It’s outdated, and more founders are recognizing that bigger isn’t always better. It’s been shifting for a while now, and at All Terrain Collective, we have capitalized on that change.

As creative people we consistently ask clients to be brave. We challenge clients to transform their industries, but how about our own?

After 20 years in the business, you start to see similar patterns with client projects. So the idea of bringing together new teams from other walks of life means an opportunity for fresh ideas, new energy, better results and the ability for you, your employees and clients to grow and learn.

It seems like every day All Terrain gets an incredible project opportunity, completely different from the one presented to us the day before. From building a pop up store for Mangos, to starting a health and wellness festival for Quaker from the ground up, to launching one of the most anticipated luxury sports cars in the world, and turning the Goodyear blimp into an Airbnb… that was just some of this past year!

Each of these projects comes with its own complexities and challenges. With the traditional agency model, the average account manager would MAYBE at best have experience building and executing one of these types of campaigns. They may have worked on luxury products or CPG. But both? Rarely ever.

The team model of the future needs to be interdisciplinary with adaptability built in. That’s why I decided to reinvent how we resource our teams.

Whenever we are asked to work on a particular brand, we look at the intricacies and KPIS of the assignment. From there we start to identify the subject matter experts who will provide the most impact on the project. These can be either people in house at ATC or inside our network. The end goal is to bring a team together that will provide maximum impact on the project, while also providing an incredible experience for each team member to learn and feed off one another.

I am a born connector / networker. I LOVE people. After 21 years of being a leader inside the Experiential Marketing industry I have had the pleasure and honor to work with some of the most creative, talented and intelligent people on the planet. These folks may have come from the client side or totally different industries like fashion, architecture, technology or from competitive agencies.

For me there is that moment when you meet a person and you know you want to find a way to work together and by doing so you will create magic. Bringing these people together inside the Collective has been part of the recipe of our success.

Relaunching All Terrain as a Collective fundamentally allowed us to change how we work, resource, and reward people, different from typical marketing agencies. We have redesigned how we build teams for our clients built around a collaborative economy, orchestrated by the talent that actually get their hands dirty to make things happen.

One thing that concerned me about this model was losing our culture.

All Terrain has built a strong culture inside the brick and mortar of our offices and focused on team bonding and building with our employees across the country. Like almost any agency on the planet, we have our company colors and swag that we wear with pride. We have a way we approach weekly meetings and manage projects; we have office events, traditions and even mascots. All components that provide a feeling of community and process that makes us feel unique.

No need for concern. We’ve found that culture is another ingredient in our recipe for success that can be altered to fit the new modern marketing world. Inside the Collective model we bring both that feeling of inclusion and the promise of proven process to the table with every project. From introductions to day to day correspondence there is a feeling of purpose and respect. The team bonds over calls, in person meetings, meals and work trips. In the end we are pulled together for a common goal and just like any team with a goal, we are motivated to achieve it. That becomes the strongest bond of all.

Without exception, the validation that our new model is working comes in two forms. First, our clients; Ferrari, American Airlines, Hostess… enough said. Second, whenever I call a member of the Collective the answer is always an enthusiastic, “YES!” Quickly followed by “When do we start?” Because who wouldn’t want to work on iconic brands with other equally talented creatives, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible?

We believe in what we are doing, not selling what we do. And thanks to our Collective, we now have a global reach with a local touch.

Brook Jay. Relentless visionary. Founder, All Terrain Collective.

Relentless Visionary | Founder @ All Terrain Collective