How A Trip To The ER Led Me To Having A Soul Reading

The past 4 years have been an incredible journey for me and I am just now beginning to unravel the lessons and use them in the next phase of this adventure we call life.

In 2017 I experienced what I felt was a personal betrayal that led to a setback in my business life. As an entrepreneur, I often mistake my business success with my overall success. Because I am very driven, I set out to re-envision my company and prove my value in the business world. As such, the last 4 years have had me in a state of planning, reactivity and moving forward at all costs. While I have been very successful, there was a toll my body and psyche paid. I hit a wall one Saturday a few weeks back and landed in the ER due to severe stomach pain that wound up being STRESS. I honestly had no idea I was that far out of whack! I took a pause, I took stock of my amazing life and success and then took action. This is when it all gets a little weird…

For my birthday, which was May 20th, I gifted myself a soul reading. I had learned of Sacha Knop — The Soul Reader from an acquaintance of mine, Andy Zimmerman, a very accomplished and well regarded person in the business world. Andy also wrote a book about his experience with Sacha and how it changed his life. The book’s title is Journeyand it is a very inspiring read. Sacha’s reading changed Andy’s life trajectory so profoundly (and for the better) that I thought maybe it was time to get better acquainted with my own soul. So I got connected to Sacha and booked a reading. The experience is unusual and not for the skeptical.

Fast forward to me getting a 47-minute recording of the reading, of which was so impactful it almost put me in a hypnotic state. I am now in the process of being coached by Sacha and unpacking the reading. What I have learned to date and I now know to be true, is there are parts of me I have suppressed and kept hidden away to protect myself. This started when I was young and maintained through my adult life. Sacha saw a vision of me being completely veiled and almost mummified protecting something sacred inside me. When doing a soul reading, Sacha sees images connected to your soul. She told me the soul image she saw for myself was very rare to her. She saw a large, black, beautiful, powerful thoroughbred horse that seemed very eager to run. She said she had never seen such a beautiful and powerful horse image and it really moved her.

The overall theory is that by letting go of the veil I have been using to protect parts of myself, I can engage further with my authentic self and my complete capacity, I will then let that horse run free. She saw this action taking me “10 steps up” which she interprets as achieving great and almost profound success. There are things I will need to change about my lifestyle and even some of the people I surround myself with in order to get to a place where I can step out from this veil and realize my destiny or what I call the next phase of my existence and success. I can already see how this unveiling will help me with the writing journey I am about to embark on.

I know this sounds new-agey, and I can tell you I have moments of skepticism. Nonetheless, I am keeping curious and I am open minded because lately I have been feeling very unsettled and I do feel I am on the precipice of something new, big and unveiling.

Whatever your belief system may be, the reality is we are all emerging from one of the biggest universal disruptions we will experience as a global community in our lifetime. It has caused many of us to rethink our priorities and focus on what makes us happy and whole. I’m fortunate to have the luxury of exploring and seeking new ways to connect with my internal compass.

My wish for you is that you give yourself the space to consider your time here on this planet and what you may want to do with it. Also, think about when the time comes to exit this place, if you will feel like you have authentically experienced life. If your answer right now is no, then maybe a good start is to say what you need to say, do the things on that someday list and tell everyone you care for how you feel about them.

In the monthly newsletters that follow I’ll be sharing not only my insights and progress, but the tools I gather and use that will help us all get “10 steps up.”

From my soul to yours.

Brook Jay



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