A Decade of Reflection and Reinvention

What ATC is leaving behind, taking with us and doing in the new year

  • People who are not committed to our company vision and mission.
  • Clients that don’t appreciate the work, time and resources it takes to deliver the level of service we deliver.
  • Taking on projects just to feed the overhead. Under our new business model, we will never have to do that again.
  • Submitting entries for industry awards just because we feel like we have to do it. Doing so is a time-suck, expensive and sometimes you are only speaking to your competitors. Only submit when you believe in what the award stands for and would really care about it if you win.
  • The practice of leaving great creative ideas on the cutting-room floor because clients push back or resist. Your way of thinking is why clients hire you; remember why you are so successful in your industry.
  • Responding to every damn RFP that comes your way. Most of the time it is a race to the bottom and your time is better spent building the business relationships you already have.
  • Hiring before you have the business to afford to hire.
  • Our business culture. Since our inception, our culture has been one of our strongest assets. With our new business model, we bring along the same cultural rituals and practices to our remote and dynamic creative teams and it works.
  • Our creative process. We have a blueprint and a road map that gets us to the big, game-changing ideas and that process has proven it works.
  • Our brand of empathy. As a woman-owned company, we were known to be fair and compassionate business leaders. Today, gratitude and empathy remain character traits of our company and define how we work with others.
  • Our style of innovation. All Terrain is known for game-changing ideas and break-through results. We will continue to bring new ideas and new ways of thinking into the next decade by constantly staying connected to popular culture, technology and thought leadership.
  • Continue to build the team. In 2020, we will hone our collective model and add new members to the mix. The work to date is proof of concept.
  • Keep pushing Experiential Marketing forward. We need to have seats at the table early on in the brand strategy phase. After all, we are the ones in front of consumers 365 days a year.
  • Share gratitude and honors. We are only as good as our last project. Make sure you honor and acknowledge everyone that made your company success possible.
  • Continue to make smart decisions about the business opportunities we pursue and the clients we bring our energy and creativity to.
  • LAUGH A LOT. Every. Single. Day.



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